Robotic MIG/MAG Welding

We provide smart solutions for the industry with 43 years of experience

Eczacıbası – Lincoln Electric Askaynak has years of experience in welding. Our job already starts after system design and installation. We ensure continues support to our customer for optimum material usage and maintaince with our fast service team.

We care about the system design

MIG/MAG welding application can be seem simple however it requires too much experience. Robotic MIG welding requires 3 main specialities: advanced welding experience, robotic and automation systems know-how and special production ability. As Askaynak Automation, we involve all those experiences to provide smart and efficient robotic and automation solutions to our customers.

We follow below steps during a Project:

1) Check Availability of welding materials,

2) Calculation of welding length and time,

3) Production rate calculation and definition of proper robotic system

4) Simulation of the whole system,

5) Definition of fixture structure,

6) Check the system in case of safety and environment,

7) Deliver the system after all consideration.

Robotic Spot Welding

It is easy to have rapid and precise spot welding with Fanuc robots

We provide efficient, safe, user friendly and secure robotic spot welding systems with the experience of various industries.

How do we work?

Robotic spot welding systems are generally preferred in automative industry. High speed welding rates and zero-defect production are expected in the sector. Robotic spot welding systems are less flexible compare to other type of welding due to size of spot welding gun and complex welding materials.

As Askaynak Automation, we force the limits of design and installation to provide flexible and rapid systems. Before system installation we carry out simulations that are close to system dynamics, then we optimise the system. In this way, we increase flexibility of welding gun and dismiss the possible risks.

After technical design, we start installation of the system.

Robotic Laser Welding

Reach your target with responsive design

Robotic laser welding is preferred for thin materials, nowadays due to decrease in thickness of materials and increase in decorative expectation, application of robotic laser welding is widely increased.

Laser welding requires careful material preperation and experienced welding operator. That makes it more difficult compare to other serial production methods.

Before system application, Askaynak Automation first prepares feasibility report regarding production part including robotic system and fixture design. After confirmation of customer, production and installation process is kicked off. Following pre-design, system is tested with production part. Finally, after last revisions, operators are trained and robotic laser system is delivered to customer. 

Robotic Feeding

It is possible to work in dangerous work environment

We love serial production and we do not like delays, operator failures and work accidents. We minimise the man power usage and increase production rate. Hence companies are having great advantage of labor cost savings.

Recover the system cost with low labor expenses

Nowadays, operators are only needed to control the machines and feed the system with materials due to technological improvements. The companies which are hardworking, need the automatisation for loading / unloading the machines and workbenches.

As Askaynak Automation we work on the systems that minimise the man power, ensure the maximum efficiency. Decrease in man power results in saving of work space and non-stop production flow. We design the robotic system specially with details to provide efficient feeding system and to improve time saving.

Robotic Painting

Qualified Painting

Demand for robotic painting systems are annualy increasing due to the need for qualified paint and human health concerns. As Askaynak Automation, we provide precise robotic painting system to our customer to have repeatable painting with same quality. Since we carry out the simulation of proposed system, we calculate the time cycle of robotic painting and decrease the installation leadtime.

Before we start for system tests, first we investigate the part surface quality to have proper adjustments. As we care in our all systems, in robotic painting systems we give great imporatance for safety and environmental concerns during design and calculations as well. 

Mechanised Welding Automation Systems

Different designs for different needs

Only industrial robotic automation systems can provide sufficient solutions for industrial needs. We produce column-boom, tank welding, rotators, positioners, chain type rotators and various type of automation systems to compensate customer needs. We focus on simple, robust, user-friendly and durable system in our work. Also, It is possible to record welding history with request of welding parameter record option.

Masterpiece fixtures, for precise robotic automation system

It is important to have well-designed fixtures for robotic systems since welding parts need to be always in same position.

Askaynak Automation designs special  fixtures according to solution with our experience and know-how. Also, we have ability of production of fixture afterwards.

During design, feasibility, simulation, installation and tests we also give great importance to fixtures as we do for other aspects of the projects. Always we work with best partners to satisfy our customers.

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