Since the beginning of the 2000s the demand for automation systems with welding has increased rapidly. Firms which have started looking for solutions to problems such as the increase in cost pressure, qualified welders, welding quality and the amount of scrap- which is linked to erroneous production- are united on the matter of welding automations. On the other hand in order to move onto a successful automation production, firms must identify very clearly and correctly their existent production flow, their expectations from robotic automations and the amortisation period of investment.



We have made our mark on various systems within Turkey!

Robotic automation systems are systems which help protect the production quality of products, lessen labour costs and ensure that production is carried out in a quick and clean manner.

From the day it was established, Askaynak Automation has been on track to become an expert in practices that workers tend to make mistakes in. Accordingly, our company that developed the solution for critical phases such as welding and painting, has also ensured the minimisation of man made mistakes, thus allowing production to take place efficiently with less errors being made.

Askaynak Automation, which manufactures solutions for welding mechanisms, robotic workbench feeders and robotic painting using Robotic MIG/MAG, TIG spot and laser welding, has commissioned over 300 robotic automation systems in Turkey in general.


  • Robotic MIG/MAG Welding
  • Robotic Spot Welding
  • Robotic Laser Welding
  • Robotic Painting
  • Robotic Workbench Feeder
  • Welding Mechanisms
  • Fixture Designs and Production
  • Welding Automation Systems


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Connect with us at Robotic Investments Summit & Exhibiton

We are at Robotic Investments Summit & Exhibition which is going to be held from September 29th-30th and October 1st, 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey

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Purchase robots while renting them

You no longer have to heavily invest in robotic equipment as you can now rent these systems out in order to utilise them. During the 12-48 month leasing services we offer, you may use the system as you wish and at the end of the period specified, you will be able to fully own the system. For Askaynak Automation’ new financial solution in regards to renting equipment, please get in contact with our experts.

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